March 28, 2009

Blog Update - - Updated

I'm going to be messing around with the layout/font/etc. today. Sorry if it's annoying. If it all works out, I might have a slightly new layout done by sometime tonight. But we'll see....

Thanks for reading

Subtle Changes:
For those of you that can tell, there are some subtle changes to the layout of the site. But I am still figuring some things out and still not sure whether I like this layout compared to the old layout (which I am aware, they are a lot alike). For some reason, this time has been (a lot) tougher than changing things in the past. When I usually edit things, I just lick on the Font and Colors tab under my Layout tab (For those that are familiar with Blogspot, it's what helps you change simple things such as colors, font, sizes, etc.), which allows me to just simply click on a color to chose, but that's not working so I am having to edit everything through HTML. Thankfully I'm somewhat familiar with HTML, but I'm still trying to work through some things.

Anyways, if you think it sucks, if you love it or have any other kind of feedback, I would love to hear it. I know the changes are subtle, but I do like the layout. Just send me an e-mail with your thoughts/suggestions.

Thank you!

Also, I'm considering making (or finding someone to make) a banner for the top where it says "Josh's Thoughts." I'm not sure how I'm going to go about doing this (I have gimp and can use photoshop at the library), but I'm open to suggestions. If you have any, let me know!