December 5, 2007


As of right now, the Twins and Red Sox have not made a trade for Johan Santana. But, the feeling I'm getting is both teams want this thing to get done tonight and they'll probably be working on it until very late in the morning with possibly an agreement coming by the time many of you read this.

The Twins supposedly have to offers on the table from the Red Sox, and the Twins are still undecided which to choose. Here's a look at the reported offers:

1) P Jon Lester, OF Coco Crisp, 2B/SS Jed Lowrie, P Justin Masterson and OF Ryan Kalish.
2) OF Jacoby Ellsbury, 2B/SS Jed Lowrie, P Justin Masterson and perhaps another prospect, although I haven't heard anything that would support this.

I'd prefer the 2nd offer if it includes Michael Bowden or possibly Manny Delcarmen in the package as well. But really, I still don't think the Twins are getting enough. Quantity is nice, but I prefer quality.


I'm not going to really post anything new, as there isn't a ton of new news. The biggest news from today was the emergence of the Angels in a Santana rumor, but that came and was gone in the blink of an eye. Angels GM Terry Reagins said that the Angels have not spoken to the Twins regarding Johan Santana, but they have talked to them about an outfielder. Possibly Reggie Willits? (fingers crossed)

I personally think (alright, hope) the Angels would just like to keep it "hush hush" as they usually do in regards to deals (ei. signing Torii Hunter). The Angels definitely have the most to offer the Twins in terms of young players, so I can see them making a play for Santana.

Jayson Starks said that the same names in the Twins-Angels talks, were the same being mentioned in the Marlins-Angels talks, which would be: 2B Howie Kendrick, SS/3B Brandon Wood, P Nick Adenhart, OF Willits. The Twins would probably prefer Jered Weaver to Adenhart as he's ML ready (well he's a proven pitcher) right now. Another prospect that would intrigue me is SS/2B Sean Rodriguez. But besides that, nothing new really.

Oh, except that even if the Twins added any player in baseball and still got to keep Johan (lets say Alex Rodriguez) they still probably wouldn't be able to beat the new look Tigers after they pulled off a huge blockbuster trade with the Florida Marlins.

The Marlins will send (gasp) Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Detroit, and in return will receive 6 prospects including top prospect outfielder, Cameron Maybin.

The Marlins will also receive pitchers Andrew Miller, Eulogio De la Cruz, Dallas Trahern, Burke Badenhop, and catcher Mike Rabelo. Yikes. Both the Tigers are getting better, and it also gives the Marlins some young players they should feel optimistic about heading into the next few seasons.

But regardless, take a look at this lineup:

CF - Curtis Granderson
2B - Placido Polanco
RF - Magglio Ordonez
3B - Miguel Cabrera
1B - Carlos Guillen
DH - Gary Sheffield
SS - Edgar Renteria
LF - Jacque Jones
C - Ivan Rodriguez

You know you're stacked when you have Ivan Rodriguez batting 9th! Lets see, thats 7 right handed batters, 1 switch hitter and 1 lefty. And the Twins can't find another right-hander to save their lives! Although I shouldn't complain as I think Delmon Young will be a great hitter in the near future.

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