December 20, 2007

Silva looks Seattle bound

According to sources, the Mariners and free agent pitcher Carlos Silva agreed to terms on a 4-year deal worth $44 million.

Silva was the top pitcher in a weak free agency class, and it's not at all surprising to see him get a 4-year deal, and it's also not surprising to see him get $11 million annually. Pretty good for a pitcher with a career 55-46 record and a 4.31 ERA.

Acquired from the Phillies in the Eric Milton trade back in 2004, the "chief" went 47-45 with a 4.42 ERA in 129 games with the Twins. He recorded 306 strikeouts, while only surrendering 112 walks. He has been known around the league to have great control. But has also been known to either pitch lights out, or get shelled.

He had a very poor 2006 season, and was demoted to the bullpen at one point. His ERA crept towards 6, and he was allowing batters to hit at a .321 average against him. He definitely settled down in '07, although some have to wonder about his previous seasons.

But fortunately for Silva, '06 looks like an outlier of his career numbers. His career numbers (without '06 on his books) are actually pretty good. He has a 3.91 ERA with a 44-31 record.

He'll help sure up a mediocre rotation in Seattle. The Mariners will likely come out with a rotation of Felix Hernandez, Silva, and Jarrod Washburn, Miguel Batista and Brandon Morrow.

Pretty good with a few up and comers on offense like Adam Jones, Wladimir Balentien and Jeff Clement.

The future looks bright in Seattle, although they do need to free up some salary by trading Richie Sexson. I think the club would be best off by trading him for a mid-level prospect, and just letting the new team take on all financial responsibilities. Sounds like something the Yankees could consider.

Some may think that the amount of money is ridiculous, which I won't argue, the market for pitching these days is ridiculous and it's probably going to get worse. However, I can justify paying a pitcher from the Major Leagues that kind of money before handing it over to a Japanese pitcher who has never played an inning in the Majors (which they were linked to Hiroki Koruda, who signed with the Dodgers). I'm not saying Japanese pitchers aren't good (except in this case where I think Kuroda's numbers are pedestrian), but Silva has M.L. success, and there have been far too many pitching busts from Japan.

Seattle looks to have a solid team as we head into 2008 and the acquisition of Silva is a solid signing, despite the amount of money they signed him for.

Make sure to over to Seth Speaks and check out his interview with Pat Neshek. And make sure to check out the comments, where Pat has responded to a few questions from fans. (And if you would like to read another interview with Pat, check out the one he did for this site in July).

In the comments
, Pat responds to the possibility of Silva signing with the Mariners and responded with:
Silva better take me to Beni's if he goes to Seattle haha, I just want to see him eat again!

Pretty comical and I think the Twins will in fact miss him. It's been known that he's best friends with Twins-ace Johan Santana. In fact, Santana was in Silva's wedding party in his wedding a few weeks ago.

He was great in the clubhouse and a great competitor on the mound (except when he has a "tummy ache"...KIDDING). And I think the Twins will definitely miss his competitive nature that he brings when he is on the mound. SAFECO Field will likely suit him well, and he has a good infield behind him to help with his sinkerball.

I expect him to have a great career in Seattle.