December 19, 2007

In my dreams, what would I do?

Good morning. I know most of you are probably sick and tired of reading about speculation of what the team is going to do. But unfortunately, there's not a lot to talk about. I could talk about the Mitchell Report, but I know everyone is sick of that. I could talk about the Santana situation, but again, I know everyone is sick of that. So I don't really have much else to talk about.

But if I could fulfill my dream finish to this off-season (without being ridiculously unrealistic), this is what I would do from here on out. But let me first state, this is just all a dream, and I know that it's not all as realistic as I may think.


1. Twins get: Colby Rasmus, Adam Wainwright and Bryan Anderson

Cardinals get: Johan Santana

2. Twins get: Carlos Marmol and Eric Patterson

Cubs get: Joe Nathan

Thoughts: Well, the Cardinals probably wouldn't do this trade, reason being is that Santana will cost too much in terms of money compared to the value of players they are giving up. They would be even more cash strapped than they are now, and they'd leave themselves with a big hole in center field. It'd also take away both of their two top hitting prospects.


1. Kenny Lofton - 1-year $5 million deal.

2. Mark Prior - 1-year $3 million deal, with a vested option that if he pitches X amount of innings, his 2009 option is automatically picked up (worth $6 million).

3. Justin Morneau - 5-year $65 million deal.

4. Michael Cuddyer - 3-year $30 million deal.

Lineup/Rotation: Since these moves would moreso affect 2009 instead of 2008, I'll give my lineups/rotations for '09.

1. SS - Alexi Casilla
2. C - Joe Mauer
3. LF - Delmon Young
4. 1B - Justin Morneau
5. RF -Michael Cuddyer
6. CF -Colby Rasmus
7. 3B - Mike Lamb
8. 2B - Eric Patterson
9. DH - Jason Kubel/Brock Peterson

1. Francisco Liriano
2. Mark Prior
3. Adam Wainwright
4. Scott Baker
5. one of the (what seems like) 20 options we have

SU - Pat Neshek
SU -Matt Guerrier
CL - Carlos Marmol

I know we've all thought about our dream off-seasons, but hopefully this one is a little different than one that you've seen or that you've thought of. What are your thoughts? Do you like it? Do you think it's at all realistic? What is your dream finish to this off season?

Hopefully there will be some sort of news that I can dwell on tomorrow.

Until then, have a great day.