December 6, 2007

Johan trade speculation

Again, as I write this, Johan Santana is still a member of the Minnesota Twins. It's actually starting to look like the Twins plan on keeping Santana for the foreseeable future. Weird how things seem to change every time you go on the internet.

Usually, I love listening to rumors, because it's always fun to speculate, but I need a break. At least right now, it's nice to think that Johan Santana may end up being a Twin after all, but I guess I'm just sick of hearing different reports that are totally opposite from one another.

But regardless, I'll try to give my thoughts anyway I can.

Right now, the "buzz" is that no trade will happen with Johan Santana during the meetings, instead the team will contemplate the offers they've received and they'll try to look for offers from other teams.

La Velle E. Neal III posted in his blog the following:’s what I know about clubs interested in dealing for Johan Santana:

Mets: Interested

Yankees: Still interested

Angels: Not Interested, but have talked to Twins about other players. Twins keep hearing that the Angels MIGHT change their minds on Santana.

Boston: Still interested

Texas: Interested, but would Santana go there?

Seattle: Interested, but would Santana go there?

It appears unlikely a deal will be reached this week.

I like the fact that just 24 hours before he posted this, that the only feasible option looked like the Boston Red Sox. So it's nice to see more clubs interested in him.

Here are a few deals I'd like to see happen, if the Twins decided that trading him was the right route to go:

Mariners: Adam Jones, Brandon Morrow, Jeff Clement & either Matt Tuiasosopo or Yung Chi-Chen.
Thoughts: Jones is a potential Torii Hunter clone, but is far more developed than Hunter at the same age. Morrow in my opinion is a very underrated pitcher who could develop into a good #2 pitcher. Clement is a possible option to move to third base or become a good designated hitter. He could also spell Mauer at catcher if he needs a day off (and if the Twins want a left-handed hitter in the lineup instead of Redmond). Tuiasosopo has slipped a little in the "top prospect" status, but he's still only 22 years old and he's going to be in AAA next season. Originally a shortstop, he's been playing third base a lot as well. Chi-Chen has emerged as a good all-around hitting infielder who the Twins could really use in their minors for a couple seasons before he's ready to play in the majors.

Rangers: I'd probably demand Michael Young, Jarad Saltalamacchia, and Brandon McCarthy.
Thoughts: Well for starters, I don't see the Rangers accepting this deal, but if they were truly interested in Santana, then I think Michael Young is the must-have in the deal with Salty as another guy who should be included. McCarthy would probably be the "tossup" as the Rangers would probably want a rotation with both of them in it together.

Mets: Jose Reyes and Carlos Gomez or Mike Pelfrey
Thoughts: I just don't see the Mets being in reconsideration without giving up Reyes. I like Fernando Martinez, and I like Carlos Gomez, but I don't see Omar Minaya trading both in the same deal, which is what it'd require at the least. Pelfrey is still young enough for me to forget about his major league numbers for the time being.

Boston: Jon Lester, Jacoby Ellsbury and Jed Lowrie
Thoughts: I just don't see the Twins accepting quantity over quality. It's intriguing what the Twins could do if they did acquire 5 players for Santana, but when the highest potential player you have in return is Justin Masterson who could some day be a good #3 starter, is not acceptable, and I hope the Twins do see that (which I'm thinking they do). Lester is a good story, no doubt and I do see potential there, but he's not a centerpiece to a Johan Santana trade. This deal would give the Twins a shortstop prospect who may or may not be ready to play everyday in the bigs with his questionable defensive abilitys, and it'd also give the Twins the two players they want in Ellsbury and Lester. I don't see the Twins budging from their demands on those two players.

Yankees: Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera and Jose Tabata
Thoughts: The more and more I've thought about Hughes' potential, the more and more I cringe that we didn't get a deal done for him. Cabrera is a good defensive center fielder with a decent bat. Tabata doesn't seem to be on the Twins radar, but I've like his potential for a while now, and I think the Twins would be ridiculous to go after Austin Jackson based off of 1/2 of a season's numbers.

I know the Angels aren't rumored to be in it, but here's a potential deal I'd do with them:

Angels: Sean Rodriguez, Howie Kendrick, Jered Weaver or Nick Adenhart, and Reggie Willits
Thoughts: Weaver would be nice, but I don't know who they'd rather hold onto between him and Adenhart. Kendrick is one of the best young all-around hitters in the league. Rodriguez intrigues me more than Brandon Wood because although his defense isn't fantastic, it's not a liability up to this point. Willits as I've mentioned is a great fit for the Twins in center field. I also don't see the Angels doing this, but I think it's a possibilty.

What other trades would you consider for Santana to be worthy of moving the 2-time AL Cy Young Award winner?