July 21, 2009

Tyler Robertson Q&A

In light of last nights collapse, I figured this was the best time to post another Q&A. This time, it is with Tyler Robertson. Robertson is a 6'5'' southpaw who was drafted by the Twins in the third round of the 2006 draft. Despite a slight decline in strikeouts, Robertson has remained very effective throughout his career and has a 23-16 record with a 3.15 ERA throughout four Minor League seasons. Robertson has a great frame and although he doesn't have high velocity, he has a lot of movement on his pitches. According to "Future of Fantasy", Robertson compares most to Ted Lilly of the Chicago Cubs and Manny Parra of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Josh's Thoughts: Who was your favorite player growing up? Did you have a favorite team or a team you followed more than others?
Tyler Robertson: My favorite player was Randy Johnson. My favorite team was the Cleveland Indians.

Josh's Thoughts: In high school, did you play any sports other than Baseball?
Tyler Robertson: I played Football, Basketball, and Baseball. I loved Football.
Josh's Thoughts: What team expressed most interest in you prior to the draft? How much contact did you have with the Twins?
Tyler Robertson: The Twins were probably the team that expressed the most interest. Them and the Brewers.

Josh's Thoughts: Do you ever pay attention to prospect rankings?
Tyler Robertson: No, not really. I have seen them but really don't care too much.

Josh's Thoughts: What kind of things do you do to prepare for each start? Do you have any superstitions?
Tyler Robertson: No superstitions. Just really try to focus on my bullpens between starts.

Josh's Thoughts: What does your repertoire consist of?
Tyler Robertson: I Throw A Fastball, Curveball, Slider, and Changeup.

Josh's Thoughts: What would you say is your 'out pitch?'
Tyler Robertson: I would say location. Whatever pitch I am commanding the best at the time.

Josh's Thoughts: Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
Tyler Robertson: My Family has had the biggest influence.

Josh's Thoughts: What is your goal for the remaining of the season?
Tyler Robertson: To finish strong and get better every start. And to win a championship if we get the chance.

Josh's Thoughts: What do you like to do in your free time?
Tyler Robertson: I like to shoot my guns, hunt, fish, hangout and relax. I also like to listen to music.

Josh's Thoughts: What are your interests besides baseball?
Tyler Robertson: My favorite music is country. I love movies, I have a DVD collection of about 400 movies.

Josh's Thoughts: If you weren't playing baseball, what would you be doing?
Tyler Roberston: I'd be playing college football.

Josh's Thoughts: Do you have a nickname?
Tyler Robertson: The guys on the team call me all sorts of things. But 'Ty' is the most common though.

Josh's Thoughts: Is there a player in baseball that you'd compare yourself to?
Tyler Robertson: I like to watch Andy Pettite pitch. I don't know if we are really comparable though.

Josh's Thoughts: What has been the best part of playing professional baseball?
Tyler Robertson: The best part is getting paid to play baseball and do what you love.

Josh's Thoughts: What is your greatest baseball moment?
Tyler Robertson: I had some good memories in High School. And winning the Pitcher-Of-The-Month in Beloit was pretty cool too.

Josh's Thoughts: You've excelled at each level of competition as a professional, but which jump has been the hardest (rookie ball to low-a or low-a to high-a)?
Tyler Robertson: I would say probably Low-A to High-A. The hitters are just a little more selective.

Josh's Thoughts: What advice would you give a young baseball player that hopes to make it into pro baseball someday?
Tyler Robertson: Work hard and have fun with it, it's the best sport ever. And learn the game and play it the right way.

Josh's Thoughts: What has been your favorite minor league stadium to play at?
Tyler Robertson: I Really Like Clearwater (Bright House Field).

Josh's Thoughts: What do you think you will need to work on most between now and before you arrive in Minnesota?
Tyler Robertson: Probably commanding all of my pitches is my biggest thing.

Thanks again to Tyler for answering these questions. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them.