July 3, 2009

International Update

Yesterday marked the beginning of the International signing period in which players not from the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico can sign with ball clubs.

The one player everyone is interested in hearing about is Miguel Angel Sano. Major League Baseball is still investigating his true age, so any deal probably won't be done until next week at the earliest.

But moving on to players the Twins can sign, they've been linked to Jorge Polanco who doesn't turn 16-years-old until Sunday, meaning any deal until then cannot be agreed upon. The supposed signing would be for about $700,000. Polanco is considered to be the 23rd best Latin American Prospect.

The Twins are set to sign shortstop Jorge Polanco with a bonus of $700,000. He is ranked as the 23rd best Latin American prospect. But I doubt it effects their efforts on signing Sano as Sano's likely projected long-term as an outfielder or third baseman.

On another note, according to Keith Law, the Twins have signed European prospect Max Kepler who is considered by many to be the best European prospect this year. Kepler is listed at 6'4'' and 180 lbs. He's just 16 but many believe he'll someday possess all five tools. He also bats and throws left-handed. The terms of the deal haven't been disclosed, but I doubt that the addition of either of these two players will play any part in the team not signing Sano.

Although Sano and Polanco are both shortstops, Sano is believed to be a third baseman or right fielder long term and with players that age, nobody should care about position anyways. If the Twins are serious about signing Sano, which by all indications they are, then these deals will play no part against them signing him. But it will certainly help ease the pain if their bidding for Sano goes unsuccessful.