July 17, 2009

David Bromberg Q&A

The Twins drafted David Bromberg in the 32nd round of the 2005 draft. He grew up near Santa Monica, California where he attended both Palisades High School and Santa Ana College. If dominating both the Gulf Coast League and Appalachian League wasn't enough, he followed up his impressive 2006 and 2007 seasons by leading all of the Minor Leagues with 177 strikeouts in 2008. This season, he's not on track to lead the Minor Leagues in strikeouts, he's still having an equally impressive season. He currently sits at 7-0 with a 2.87 ERA in 17 games (16 starts) this season. He followed up his 2008 All-Star selection with another All-Star selection in 2009 in which he started in. He has both a projectable build and repertoire that makes him a high-ceiling prospect. Bromberg is a pitcher that Twins fans should get to know and follow as he continues to progress through the Minor Leagues.


Josh's Thoughts: Growing up near Los Angeles, I have to ask, Angels or Dodgers?
David Bromberg: I was a Dodgers fan.

Josh's Thoughts: Did you play any other sports in high school?
David Bromberg: I played football until 10th grade and then my baseball coach said "no more football, concentrate on baseball."

Josh's Thoughts: Before you were drafted, how much contact did you have with the Twins?
David Bromberg: The scout who drafted me was Dan Cox and we kept in touch a lot.

Josh's Thoughts: You attended Santa Ana CC while signing as a 'draft and follow.' Do you feel that a brief stint in college helped you as a pitcher? Would you recommend players to play some college baseball before going professional?
David Bromberg: Yes I did a draft and follow at Santa Ana, and I needed some more work before the pros because I graduated at 17 so I thought I needed another year. It payed off for me because I got some good help and got to play for one of the best managers in junior college, Don Sneddon.

Josh's Thoughts: What kind of things do you do to prepare for each start? Do you have any superstitions?
David Bromberg: Preparing for a start I visualize my innings in my head and making sure they're positive. I also listen to music to get in the zone.

Josh's Thoughts: What kind of music do you listen to?
David Bromberg: My favorite music is Rock, Rap and R&B.

Josh's Thoughts: What's the velocity on your fastball? Do you pay a lot of attention to velocity?
David Bromberg: On average, I touch 91... 93, 94 sometimes 95 if I'm feeling good. But when you play pro ball, you can't always think of velocity because you see in the Majors, 98 gets hit around if it is straight.

Josh's Thoughts: What would you say is your 'out pitch?'
David Bromberg: My out pitch would have to be either my slurve or slider. If the hitter is late on my fastball I stay with my fastball and locate a 3 or 4 spot.

Josh's Thoughts: Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
David Bromberg: The biggest influences have been my dad and my high school baseball coach Tom Seyler. He helped me with all of my distractions and helped me out with my career, getting me to play professional, working with me after we were done with practice and my dad has been their for me my whole life.

Josh's Thoughts: Who were your favorite players growing up? Do you have a favorite player now?
David Bromberg: My favorite players were Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Torii Hunter and Bobby Jenks. Right now it's Josh Beckett. I love the way he pitches when he dominates.

Josh's Thoughts: What is your goal for the remaining of the season?
David Bromberg: My goal is to stay healthy, work on my fastball command, work on my change up and just getting outs. And most importantly, winning a championship this year with the Fort Myers Miracle.

Josh's Thoughts: What do you like to do in your free time?
David Bromberg: In my free time, I like watching movies, working out, hanging out with Ben Revere and the guys on my team. I also like to go out on the weekends.

Josh's Thoughts: If you weren't playing baseball, what other profession would you want to be?
David Bromberg: My profession is baseball and I dont think of any other things except for playing baseball and making a living out of it.

Josh's Thoughts: Do you have a nickname?
David Bromberg: My nicknames are 'D-Block' and 'Butta.' Rick Knapp gave me 'Butta' because we played wiffle ball and we needed to come up with boxer names, so I thought it was funny and said, 'butterbean.' So now he calls me 'Butta.'

Josh's Thoughts: What is something people might be shocked to know about you?
David Bromberg: People will be shocked by how good I can swing the bat. They know I'm a pitcher but don't know about my skills with the bat.

Josh's Thoughts: Is there a player in baseball that you'd compare yourself to?
David Bromberg: I would compare myself to Roger Clemens and Josh Beckett. It's just the way they cary themselves on the mound and field and how dominating they are.

Josh's Thoughts: What has been the most difficult part of pro baseball? Best part?
David Bromberg: The most difficult part of baseball is learning how to overcome failing. Like having a bad start and getting back in the bullpen and working harder and forgetting about my last start. I am getting better at it though and I am working hard everyday and it is paying off. Best part is all the awards I have won from my hard work and great seasons.

Josh's Thoughts: What is your greatest baseball moment?
David Bromberg: Winning the Appy-League Championship my 2nd year while I was in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Josh's Thoughts: Which jump has been harder, Rookie Ball to Low-A or Low-A to High-A?
David Bromberg: I would say Low-A to High-A because the hitters are more patient and don't swing at everything with 2 strikes to get an out or a strikeout.

Josh's Thoughts: What advice would you give a young baseball player that hopes to make it into pro baseball someday?
David Bromberg: I would tell him to never be satisfied and work hard everyday and listen to what your coaches have to say.

Josh's Thoughts: What has been your favorite minor league stadium to play at?
David Bromberg: My favorite stadium would be Great Lakes the Dodgers Affiliate. The Midwest League All-Star game was there last year and I loved playing there. Also, I would say Hammond Stadium where the Fort Myers Miracle play. It's a great place to pitch at and I love the mound and the fans.

Josh's Thoughts: You've been named an All-Star several time. Has one meant the most to you more than another? What was it like to start the Florida State League All-Star game?
David Bromberg: To start this year's All-Star game was sweet because of the fans being there and playing with all the prospects from each team. To become an All-Star you have to work hard and work at the things you aren't excelling at. I would have to say this year's All-Star game was the best because I got to start it. I wish I could have went more than 1 inning, but I had a regular start in 2 days.

Josh's Thoughts: You lead all of the minor leagues in strikeouts last season, have you always been known as a strikeout pitcher?
David Bromberg: I haven't always been known as a strikeout pitcher but I have been known as a power pitcher. I only threw 88-91 in high school and now Im averaging 91-92 and touching 93, 94, 95. But I was glad to get that title last year being known as, "The Strikeout King."

Josh's Thoughts: What do you think you will need to work on most between now and before you arrive in Minnesota?
David Bromberg: From now and until I get to Minnesota I need to work on my fastball command, going the distance more, and being consistent the whole year.

I really want to thank David for taking the time to answer these questions. He's a helluva pitcher and will continue to turn heads. His hard work and dedication certainly looks to be paying off.


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