December 13, 2008

Download a copy of Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook 2009!

Just a quick note for tonight. If you haven't ordered a copy of Seth Stohs 2009 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook, and if you'd like to save a couple dollars, you can now download it at

With the holiday season coming up, it's a great present for any Twins fan. I highly recommend buying a copy of it. I have it and I cannot believe the amount of content in it. He really did a great job. So make sure to get a copy ASAP! Also make sure to check out as well.

There is a great forward by Pat Neshek, as well as comments by La Velle E. Neal III, Howard Sinker, Jonathan Mayo, Phil Miller, Mike Radcliff, John Bonnes, Aaron Gleeman and Dave Mona. There are prospect lists from myself, Joshua Taylor, Andrew Kneeland, Roger Dehring, James Mathewson and of course, Seth Stohs. There are over 175 player profiles of Twins prospects that are arranged alphabetically. Honestly, this is a great gift for any Twins fan. Whether you're a minor league fanatic or just a casual fan looking to find a little bit more about some of the players that will some day be wearing a Twins uniform, it doesn't matter.

What are you waiting for? Go get it!