March 5, 2008

Wednesday Morning Update

The Twins released their lineup for today's game against the Yankees, which is scheduled to start in just over 3 hours.

1. Carlos Gomez - CF
2. Brendan Harris - 2B
3. Joe Mauer - C
4. Justin Morneau - 1B
5. Delmon Young - LF
6. Brian Buscher - 3B
7. Jon Knott - DH
8. Garrett Jones - RF
9. Matt Tolbert - SS

Kevin Slowey (starting)
Randy Kiesler
Ricky Barrett
Julio DePaula
Dennys Reyes
Pat Neshek
Brian Bass
Oswaldo Sosa

Here's the Yankee Lineup:

1. Johnny Damon - LF
2. Derek Jeter - SS
3. Bobby Abreu - RF
4. Alex Rodriguez - DH
5. Jason Giambi - 1B
6. Jorge Posada - C
7. Robinson Cano - 2B
8. Wilson Betemit - 3B
9. Melky Cabrera - CF

Ian Kennedy (starting)
Joba Chamberlain

Not sure who else is supposed to pitch for the Yankees

It's going to definitely be a fun game to watch and I'm hoping the Twins can pull out a win on National Television, yeah, that'll show 'em! (I wish)

La Velle E. Neal III also reported that Francisco Liriano will start Friday's game against the Boston Red Sox. He also said that the Twins are working with Liriano to reduce the way he spins in his follow-through.

I also just noticed for the first time (probably has been this way for a while), but the Twins website has added Delmon Young to the top of the page, and took out Johan Santana. But like I said, I just noticed it today, but it's probably been there for a while.