March 29, 2008

Liriano not going North, yet.

After a very impressive outing yesterday, Francisco Liriano found out that he still won't go North with the Twins. Instead, the Twins have optioned him to Ft. Myers and according to La Velle E. Neal III, he will make a start next Thursday for the Miracle and if everything goes fine, he'll then go to Rochester and make a start for the Red Wings. The Twins are hoping to have him with the team when they go on an 8 game (9 day) road trip to Chicago, Kansas City and Detroit. In his place, the Twins will go with Nick Blackburn in the rotation. Blackburn is expected to start the third game of the season, following Livan Hernandez and Boof Bonser in the rotation. Kevin Slowey is expected to make the teams series finally against the Angels.

Unfortunately, despite a great outing by Liriano in which he went 5 innings and gave up just 1 run while striking out 7, the Twins still lost to the Pirates.

La Velle also gives us a little bit of news that Liriano's wife will be induced next Friday. And I know that he will never read this, but congratulations.

Sorry not a lot to post on tonight. The Twins have their final game of Spring Training today against the Pirates. And yes, that's two consecutive games against the Pirates.