March 12, 2008

Livan Hernandez Starting Opening Day?

Yesterday, Ron Gardenhire mentioned that he's leaning toward having Livan Herandez start the March 31st Home Opener against the Los Angeles (of Anaheim) Angels.
“We’re kind of trying to go with [Hernandez], but we’ll see how everything goes,” Gardenhire said. “He should be the guy. … I was kind of leaning that way, but wait and see what happens as we go along here.”
Hernandez is not having a great spring, especially not one that would justify having him start opening day, so this just goes to show how much Gardenhire values having a veteran starting pitcher in the rotation. Hernandez is not concerned with his numbers this spring and said that he generally does not have impressive numbers in the spring as he takes his time getting ready to pitch when it counts.

The only "locks" for the rotation seem to be Hernandez, Boof Bonser, and Scott Baker. And barring injury, Baker will likely follow Hernandez with Bonser then following Baker. Of course, Spring Training still has just under 3 weeks from being completed, so anything is possible.