January 7, 2008


Well there's still absolutely nothing to talk about in regards to the Twins, oh except that they made a couple very insignificant signings. To check out who they were, go over to Taylor's Twins Talk.

I'm not sure how this week is going to go, if anything worth noting comes up I'll be sure to post about it (and just a prediction, it'll likely involve Johan Santana...I know I'm going out on a limb there), but I don't feel the need to continue to speculate on the same thing right now without any new information.

If you've got any ideas then let me know (seriously), I'm starting to work on my Top 50 Twins prospects thread, which I think will be coming out sometime hopefully in the near future. Sorry I can't be more descriptive on that, I just don't know when I'll be posting it.

Until next time, have a great day!