January 25, 2008

Latest from La Velle E. Neal III

Hello. I'm pretty tired right now, so today's post is going to be a short, quick one. Make sure to read La Velle E. Neal III's newest article in which he states the following concerning a potential Johan Santana trade with the Mets:
The Twins would like the Mets to add outfield prospect Fernando Martinez to a package of outfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra. According to persons familiar with talks, the Mets view Martinez as practically untouchable and might not include him even to replace Gomez in the deal. The clubs have talked about adding another player to the deal, such as pitchers Scott Schoeneweis, Joe Smith or Aaron Heilman. A report out of New York on Thursday had Ryan Church as a possible addition.
Well, there's no surprise that the Mets would like to hold onto Martinez, however I just don't see a deal being done without him. Unless of course the Mets turn around and offer 4-5 other players (yes, making it a 5-6 player deal) as well. The additions of Smith & Heilman has been kicked around here a little bit, but I've yet to mention Schoeneweis. Probably reason being that he's a 34 year old reliever (although lefty) with a career ERA of 5.01. I can't see his addition being anything more than a salary dump in which he's owed about $3.6 million in both '08 & '09. Heilman and Smith would help the impact a potential trade of Joe Nathan which could follow the departure of Santana. Together, Santana & Nathan should bring the Twins the centerpieces of our future team for the next decade in their respective deals.

Either way you look at these trade discussions with the Mets, I think any deal is still a ways away.