October 13, 2008

A mind reader or is it just a popular thought?

- I was coming on late last night to publish a post that I wrote yesterday afternoon about Jason Kubel's comparisons to David Ortiz. Telling exactly why the Twins need to hold onto Kubel and lock him up to a long-term deal this winter and that trading him shouldn't even be considered an option. Well Nick Nelson of Nick & Nick's Twins Blog made a great post about the same topic, and so instead of posting basically the same thing and being labled a "copy cat", I'd advice everyone to check out his post.

- John Bonnes of Twins Geek made a good post in regards to acquiring Adrian Beltre. He points out good reasoning as to why the Twins could have a tough time acquiring the right-handed third baseman that we're all loathing after.

- Last week, Joe Christensen asked "Who was the Twins' MVP: Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau?" It's a must read and I agree with many that it could really go both ways. Can we call it a draw?

- Seth Stohs is conducting a "Community Top Prospect List" over at Twinkie Town and we're currently on a run-off for the #5 vote. It's between Jose Mijares and Wilson Ramos. Make sure to vote and remember to keep checking back to see who makes the list behind them. I voted for Ramos.

- Roger gives us an update on how some of the Twins' farm hands are doing down in the Arizona Fall League with his Minor League Report. Seth also gives us an update.

- Although I'm a little late on plugging this, Sense from Center has a great 2008 Season Review post that I recommend reading.