September 8, 2008

What's wrong?

I think everyone knows what's wrong, it's just a rhetorical question. The bullpen stinks, the defense hasn't helped and the team just doesn't seem to be playing with as much heart (or enthusiasm) as they've shown in the past.

It's been very hard watching the team as of late (which is in part to why I've been so lazy with posts, the other has to do with... well just being lazy or being extremely busy... it's your call). This team's achilles heal this season has been it's weak bullpen, and although there are still 19 games remaining (including 3 against the White Sox), it just is starting to be really hard picturing the Twins making the playoffs with the bullpen at an all-time low, the defense seemingly getting worse each game and in part that's negatively affecting the way the team plays as a whole.

There's really nothing else to say. The team is playing like absolute **** right now and they need to pull it together soon. The team has an off-day today, which should be a good time to regroup and get ready for the next 2 weeks (until their next off-day) in which they play everyday including a 10-game road trip to Baltimore, Cleveland and Tampa Bay. I've never been a huge fan of managers ripping on his players to try to "pump them up", but I'm at the point that I hope that they try anything to get this team going. Hopefully Gardenhire talked to Jim Leyland a little before the Tigers left Minnesota and get a few pointers on how to do that.

The minor league seasons came to a close, and I will soon be posting my post-season top 50 prospect list, but I wouldn't count on it being up before the end of the Twins' season, which hopefully won't be until sometime in late October.


(I will come back and post game balls sometime before tomorrow, for those of you who may be wondering. If you don't care, disregard this space).

Also, be sure to vote for Denard Span or Glen Perkins for the August Rookie of the Month.

Have a great day!