September 18, 2008

No words

From Nick Nelson of Nick & Nick's Twins Blog:
As much as I'd love to go off on an angry rant about this team choking away the season by inventing new ways to lose on a nightly basis, I find myself speechless. Really, I'm more disheartened than angry as I watch these games slip away night after night.
That's basically all I can say. Nick basically put everything into perspective (from my eyes) with this. Do I expect the Twins to win every game? Absolutely not. However it's a complete kick in the _____(insert body part)_____ to watch the team have a realistic shot at winning and seemingly give up and lose games that they should win. It's just too hard to talk about right now. There's nothing constructive I can really say. The arms are tired, the bats seem alive, the defense is shaky... Basically, things that I and everyone else have been beating a dead horse with all year.

I just am at a loss of words with what to say. They need to win, that's it.
Hopefully I will be able to have something to say tomorrow. But today, I just have nothing worth while to mention. I am a very optimistic person, however I have to admit that it's starting to wear right now.