June 22, 2008

One year ago...

One year ago, I started writing about my thoughts of the Minnesota Twins and I have to say a year later I feel very satisfied with where I'm at in terms of readership and views. I didn't expect there to be nearly this much support (either positively or negatively) for the things I write, basically I started it because I can talk about sports all day especially Twins baseball and so I thought that blogging would be a good cure for my obsession. Of course, it did more "harm" than good as I'm more obsessed with the Twins now than I was then.

I have been very grateful to have been able to do Q&A's with great players like Jeff Manship, Denard Span, Pat Neshek, Michael McCardell, Tyler Ladendorf and (we'll call him) "player X" (I'd say the player's name, but that would give away who it is and it will ruin the "suspense" that I'm sure not many of you even have waiting for me to post it which should come on Tuesday for those wondering). And really, I just want to say thanks to those players as well as others that I have come in contact with over the last year.

I really would be nowhere without the help of other bloggers. Seth Stohs of Seth Speaks has helped me a lot this year. He's given me probably 50% of my traffic and he really is the one that helped me get into blogging in the first place. We share a few things in common, we both love the Twins and in particular the minor leagues.

I'm a minor league nut and I just can't seem to get enough. One could speculate all day on the potential of each player. Howard Sinker, La Velle E. Neal III, Aaron Gleeman and Joe Christensen also helped me out by answering a few questions I had about blogging before I even got started.

Every day, I check out probably 40-50 different blogs. But there are a select few that I make sure I don't miss:
This guys all have fantastic blogs and even though I'm sure all of you already read them, I recommend that you read them if there are any of you who haven't. And there are other's that I know I'm missing that I check on nearly a daily basis, but if I listed them all off then I'd seriously have a list that would somewhat defeat the purpose.

It gets tough at times to blog, even though I don't write as much as some of the other bloggers I am still a college student with a very busy schedule. I'm not sure how blogging is going to be in the future as I'm transferring to St. Cloud and probably won't have as much time to blog at least as much as I'd like to. But I will try my hardest to continue blogging and I have no plans on quiting right now.

To everyone that has followed me on this blog for a while, thank you very much! Having anywhere near 65,000 views in a year is great, let alone for a new blogger. And I'm aware that I probably won't get that much this season as the majority of those views were from the Johan Santana trade saga which would usually bring me in over 400 views a day (I'm sitting between 100-300 on usual now). I have had a lot of fun with this and I hope that everyone enjoys this blog and what I write. Especially since I know that this site is not exactly visually appealing nor is this site great in the spelling/grammar department. So thank you for continuing to view my page even though it may be time to read at some times.

I will be back later with my thoughts from the weekend. So I hope you will come back and let me know what you think. Hopefully I will be around in a year to describe how great the last 2 years have been. Have a great Sunday and as always...