June 16, 2008

Mike McCardell Q&A

Quick note, I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts from this weekend.

Mike McCardell was drafted by the Twins in the 6th round of last summer's draft. He had a very successful season with both the GCL Twins and the Elizabethton Twins. In 12 games (10 starts) the 6'5'' Pennsylvania native had a 7-1 record with a 2.14 ERA. He showed great control, walking just 8 batters in 63 innings while str
iking out 95. He had a ridiculous 0.761 WHIP. He attended Division II Kutztown Unniversity in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Mike has had a fantastic 2008 campaign but was slowed up with a right-elbow injury. He is 3-1 with a 3.15 ERA and still is showing great control with a 50/14 K/BB ratio. Mike may have been promoted to Ft. Myers if it weren't for his injury, but I expect him to be there before the end of the season. Hope you enjoy!

Josh's Thoughts:
Before you were drafted by the Twins, what other teams were interested in you?
Mike McCardell: A lot of teams throughout my senior year of college gave me paper work to fill out and came to see me pitch. But no one team more than another.
Josh's Thoughts: What was it like to hear your name called on draft day?
Mike McCardell: I didn't hear it, I read it off of the computer. It was pretty exciting, all my friends were calling me and I was talking with my parents. It was a very exciting time for me.
Josh's Thoughts: What is your pitching repertoire?
Mike McCardell: I throw four-seam and two-seam fastball, a change-up, and a curveball.
Josh's Thoughts: What would you say is your strikeout pitch?
Mike McCardell: I would definitely have to say my curveball. If I keep it down it can be effective.
Josh's Thoughts: What is your process between starts?
Mike McCardell: The Twins have a program of lifting and running between starts and how much to throw each day. I believe it is very effective and has helped me a lot.
Josh's Thoughts: When you were growing up, what team(s) did you follow?
Mike McCardell: Well, growing up just outside of Philadelphia I loved the Phillies growing up. Especially the '93 Phillies team which went to the World Series.
Josh's Thoughts: Who were your favorite players when you were growing up?
Mike McCardell: Favorite players were Phillies greats John Kruk and Curt Schilling. I Also really like to watch Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson also.
Josh's Thoughts: Who has been the biggest influence in your career?
Mike McCardell: I had a lot of influences growing up, and a lot of people have helped me get to where I am to day. I have to thank my parents for everything. They have been with me through it all, from all the rides in little league to crying on the phone with my mom on last years draft day. I can never thank them enough. Also have to thank my coach at Kutztown, Chris Blum for all his help and support. I wouldn't be where I am today with out all my teammates and guys I have played with. Especially the guys on the Crawdads, an Adult League team in West Chester, PA that I played on in HS and early on in College.
Josh's Thoughts: Do you believe that attending college has helped make your transition easier so far in your career?
Mike McCardell: Yeah I wouldn't be where I am today without going to college first and learning so much, not just on the field but off the field too. It's helped make the transition so much easier.
Josh's Thoughts: What is your goal for the remaining of the season?
Mike McCardell: My goal is to just keep getting better every start learning as much as i can and keep trying to move up the ladder.
Josh's Thoughts: What do you like to do in your free time?
Mike McCardell: Well we don't get too much free time during the season. If we get an off-day some of my teammates and I like to go hit the links for the day or just try and have some fun.
Josh's Thoughts: What are your interests besides baseball? Favorite music, movies, other hobbies etc.
Mike McCardell: I love comedies. I like Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Adam Sandler. For movies, I like Wedding Crashers, Happy Gilmore, and definitely Major League. And I like all kinds of music, especially country. Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, its all good.
Josh's Thoughts: If you weren’t playing baseball, what else would you be doing?
Mike McCardell: I don't know what I would be doing without baseball. Probably something outside, I cant see myself behind a desk.
Josh's Thoughts: Any nickname?
Mike McCardell: Everyone has been calling me "Mac" forever.

Josh's Thoughts: What is something people would be shocked to know about you?
Mike McCardell: Nothing really. Maybe that I played both ways in College. I played first and third base as well as pitcher.
Josh's Thoughts: Is there a player in baseball that you'd compare yourself to?
Mike McCardell: Maybe Curt Schilling. I love his competitiveness and how he goes about his job.
Josh's Thoughts: What are your goals for the season? Long term?
Mike McCardell: Like I said, just to keep getting better.
Josh's Thoughts: Thanks Mike. Best of luck to you the rest of the way!