February 20, 2008

Site Update

I was planning on posting my post on the competition in center field for Wednesday, however I didn't manage my time well enough and am studying for an exam. I'll make sure that the post is up on Thursday morning with the starting pitching competition coming Friday.

In the mean time, make sure to check out both Joe Christensen and La Velle E. Neal III's blogs for live updates from spring training.

Also make sure to check out one of Christensen's posts which he gets quotes from Ron Gardenhire on the Joe Nathan contract situation:
“I think we’re going to sign him,” Gardenhire said. “… I think we’re close, and I think there have been some good offers out there, and good offers on the table, and I’m not even thinking about him not being here. Call it naive, call it what you want, but I refuse to go there.”
He sounds a lot more optimistic than Nathan as he said that he hasn't had any contact with the Twins about a contract extension within the last "12 or 13 days."

It makes one think that Gardenhire might know something that Nathan doesn't as he said "I think we're close." Gardenhire does not normally comment on issues such as these, so him being optimistic and saying what he did must make Nathan feel at least a little optimistic.