February 3, 2008

A little something to chew on...

I got an e-mail from a very trusted baseball 'mind' (you all know who he is, but sorry I can't tell you) who's covered the Mets-Twins trade through he entire process.

Here's what I asked:
Well I'm mostly shocked that the Twins couldn't get Fernando Martinez or Mike Pelfrey from the Mets. Instead they had to settle for a package that was supposedly offered nearly a month ago. I just can't see how the Twins not only couldn't get one of those players substituted in the deal, but at least another mid-level prospect.
He responded:
Well Martinez was there for the Twins to grab, but it would've cost them both Gomez and Guerra, and the Twins are very high on Guerra. The Twins also views Martinez as a corner outfielder, and although they have a few center fielders in the system, they already have the corners locked for a few years. The Mets viewed a Martinez, Humber, Mulvey deal to be equal to the Red Sox offer of Ellsbury, Lowrie and Masterson, which I'm not sure was on the table on Tuesday. Omar never wanted to give up Pelfrey, and I don't believe the Twins ever asked about him.
Just something to chew on, I guess.