November 13, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm not sure if "Tuesday Tidbits" will be a regular thing here this off-season, but it seemed fitting for today since I can't find anything substantial to dwell on.

The Rookie of the Year awards were given out yesterday, and as expected Dustin Pedroia beat out Delmon Young for the AL. And the closer vote came between Ryan Braun and Troy Tulowitzki in the NL. Both Braun and Tulowitzki made big contributions to their teams, although many could argue that Bruan's contributions were much larger than Tulo's. The argument could be made the other way as well. I personally voted for Young to win it in the AL, and Tulowitzki in the NL, but I'm not at all surprised to see neither of them win it. I still support my answers 100%, but I do understand why someone would vote otherwise. My Predictions for the American League and for the National League.

Division Rivals, the Detroit Tigers acquired one of my favorite former-Twins on Monday when they dealt utilityman Omar Infante to the Cubs for Jacque Jones. Jones signed with the Cubs after the '05 season and has been platooning in a crowded Chicago outfield since. He got his fair share of work though, and I have to say that he looked a bit better in Chicago then he ever did with the Twins. I am not going to enjoy seeing him in a Tiger's uniform from the standpoint that he's still one of my favorite players, but since I'm a fan of the Twins, I can't wait to see him strikeout 3-4 times a game when he faces Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano.

Speaking of Johan Santana, go over to Seth Speaks to see some of his proposed trades for Johan Santana in his "What Would it Take?" piece. It's very interesting and a great post.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that the Royals are interested in former Twin, Torii Hunter. The Royals along with the White Sox are both division rivals with the Twins that are interested in acquiring Hunter to man center field. Hunter had a meeting with White Sox GM Kenny Willliams on Sunday night. Reports are that the two of them talked about both the present and the future of the ball club.

Today is the first day that players are able to sign contracts with different teams. Which means that it is possible to see Torii Hunter signed at 12:00.01 am. Although it is very unlikely. Here are a few other free agents that are hitting the open market:
  1. Alex Rodriguez
  2. Mike Lowell
  3. Mariano Rivera
  4. Jorge Posada
  5. Barry Bonds
  6. Torii Hunter
  7. Carlos Silva
Twins new GM Bill Smith has hinted that the team is still interested in signing both Hunter and Silva, although it seems unlikely at this point.

Make sure to check out Twins-Territory to see their latest "Twins Tube Tuesday". It's nice to see such a great event for some from the hometown players.

Go over to Taylor's Twins Talk to see his latest version of the Top 25 College Football Rankings. I agree with LSU at #1 and Oregon at #2, but I think that Kansas should be #3 instead of Oklahoma just because they haven't lost a game and are in the same conference. Other than that though, I agree with most of his picks.

Bad news for Vikings fans, it looks like Adrian Peterson will miss some time with a torn lateral collateral ligament. It'll keep him out at least one game, but it will likely be a few weeks before he returns. All I have to say, is that the only hope for the Vikings having a miraculous turn-around is now over. I look forward to seeing what happens in the off-season. I'm hopeful that the Vikes can find a way to acquire Donovan McNabb (short of dealing a 1st or 2nd round draft pick). Oh the pain of being a Vikings fan.... For more on the Peterson injury, go over to Seth Speaks.

Have a great day!