November 2, 2007

Torii's Sleeping With The Enemy!

Just days after he filed for free agency, Torii already has a couple teams wanting to meet with him. That includes our division rival the Chicago White Sox. Torii has been linked to possibly going there for the last couple years, but I never thought it could actually become a reality. But according to the Chicago Sun Times, White Sox GM Kenny Williams has scheduled a meeting with Torii Hunter for next week.

The Twins have 15 "exclusive" days to negotiate a contract with Hunter, while other teams can only express interest with no financial negotiation. But this is what the Star Tribune had to say about Hunter's negotiations with the Twins:
Torii Hunter said, "I don't think there's going to be any negotiations."

Asked which side had halted the talks, Hunter said, "I think it was more me telling them."
That obviously is not what people want to hear, but I can't say I'm shocked to hear him say that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see him just sign a deal with a team before even listening to offers from the Twins. With the way that this "drama" has gone, nothing would really surprise me.

Seeing Hunter in a Chicago White Sox uniform would kill Twins fans as the White Sox is arguably our biggest rival. And I honestly don't know whether he'll get a standing ovation when he returns, or if he'll hear the boos like A.J. Pierzynski hears. I'm sure it'll be a mix, but if he signed with another team, praticullarly an NL team, I'm pretty sure it'd be all cheers.

This is what he said about possibly playing at US Cellular field next year:
"You know, this is a place (U.S. Cellular Field) I hit well in," the Minnesota Twins star said Sunday. "The grass is good in the outfield. The ball doesn't snake. The ball doesn't jump. Everything is perfect out there.

"This is one place I would consider."
The Twins offered him a 3-year $45 Million deal in September, but he declined because he wants a 4 or 5 year contract. I'm sure the White Sox would offer him a 5-year deal to his liking as they are in dire need of a center fielder, but it's just hard to think that our beloved "Spiderman" could potentially be robbing Twins batters of home runs next season for one of our biggest nemesis.

Torii would be a good pick-up for the White Sox as they still have a good lineup with a solid rotation, they just fell behind early and couldn't compete with other teams in the division like the Indians and Tigers. I'm sure he'd also like the move to Chicago as one of his best friends Jacque Jones is playing for the Cubs on the north side. Wouldn't it be ironic that if Hunter goes to Chicago, the Twins swing a deal with the Cubs to land Jones to replace Hunter?

Oh irony.