May 3, 2009

Twins 'Mariners' Themselves

If you recall, the second game of the season featured a pretty wild 9th inning from the Mariners:
Bottom 9th: Minnesota
- B. Morrow relieved D. Aardsma
- J. Crede struck out swinging
- D. Young flied out to deep center
- C. Gomez walked
- J. Kubel hit for J. Morales
- C. Gomez to second on fielder's indifference
- J. Kubel walked
- B. Buscher hit for N. Punto
- B. Harris ran for J. Kubel
- B. Buscher walked, C. Gomez to third, B. Harris to second
- M. Batista relieved B. Morrow
- D. Span singled to third, C. Gomez scored, B. Harris to third, B. Buscher to second
- A. Casilla singled to center, B. Harris and B. Buscher scored, D. Span to second
Here is what the Twins did on Saturday night:
Top 11th: Kansas City
- C. Breslow relieved M. Guerrier
- C. Crisp walked
- W. Bloomquist walked, C. Crisp to second
- B. Butler grounded into fielder's choice, C. Crisp to third, W. Bloomquist out at second
- M. Teahen hit for M. Maier
- M. Teahen walked, B. Butler to second
- R.A. Dickey relieved C. Breslow
- J. Buck walked, C. Crisp scored, B. Butler to third, M. Teahen to second
- A. Callaspo grounded into fielder's choice, B. Butler scored, M. Teahen to third, J. Buck out at second
- D. DeJesus singled to left, M. Teahen scored, A. Callaspo to second
- M. Olivo hit by pitch, A. Callaspo to third, D. DeJesus to second
- T. Pena Jr. grounded out to second
In the Mariners game, Brandon Morrow and Miguel Batista combined to throw 17 of 31 pitches for strikes (55%). Last night, Craig Breslow and R.A. Dickey combined to throw 18 of 40 pitches for strikes (45%).

Obviously 10% is a pretty substantial difference, but both cases fielded the same results. The hitters feasted on the relievers inability to find the strike zone. Unfortunately this time it cost the Twins a victory.

The Twins used all six relievers out of their depleted bullpen. Jose Mijares and Joe Nathan continued to pitch well while Matt Guerrier extended his strong outings to 7 2/3 innings without allowing a run, which by all means isn't great but it is a big thing for him. Luis Ayala continues to prove that he has been a waste of money thus far while Breslow and Dickey need to find some consistency or find the door.

I'm done 'beating the dead horse' on the issue, the Twins know they need to improve their bullpen and I just hope that the current state of Minnesota's bullpen could trigger a promotion for one (or both) of Anthony Slama or Rob Delaney to Triple-A. The Twins need to fix their bullpen and since they don't look interested in going out and finding a capable arm, unless you call scavenging on the waiver wire "going out", the team needs to start moving some arms around from within.


Game Ball #24

May 2, 2009 vs. Kansas City Royals
Delmon Young - Left Field
Line: 3-4, 2 runs, 2 RBI, SB

* Michael Cuddyer and Joe Mauer were also considerations. I just thought under the circumstances (Young replacing Kubel after he was scratched), it was a good all-around performance. Although I am aware that he benefited from a terrible throw from Coco Crisp.