August 5, 2008

What the...

heck was that?

What an awful game! Just completely awful. Twins blew a 6-1 lead in the seventh inning by allowing 10 runs. Really, it was just a terrible inning from the managing side, pitching side, as well as the defensive side. It's hard to point the finger at just one person in particular, however Ron Gardenhire really made some bad decisions in that inning, and if anyone was to blame it would be him. But the players should not get a free pass for playing bad just because the manager sent them out to do what they should have done. But I really wish I knew what Gardenhire was thinking when Glen Perkins loaded up the bases in two consecutive innings only to allow him to pitch to the best run producer on the Mariners. I just wish I knew what he was thinking in that instance, and to allow Brian Bass (one of, if not our worse reliever) to pitch with the Twins up by just 1. I guess the struggles of Craig Breslow and Matt Guerrier doesn't really help my cause. Overall, just a terrible ball game. And it's tough, because it was going so well until that seventh inning.

Game Ball
Justin Morneau - First Base
Line: 2-3, run, double, 2 RBI, 2 walks

If you want a good post on the game, head over to Seth Speaks. He goes more into depth and also has gives us recaps of all the minor league games played yesterday.