April 19, 2008

Adam Everrett D.L. Bound, Buscher Promoted

Update 2:25 PM: Buscher has gotten the call. Joe C. also notes that Michael Cuddyer will be flying down to Florida to work with the Twins' GCL affiliate tomorrow.

Joe Christensen reports that shortstop Adam Everett has been placed on the Disabled List, prior to this afternoon's game against the Cleveland Indians. The Twins plan on promoting a player from Triple-A Rochester, but an exact name has not been given. However, it's likely assumed that Brian Buscher will be the one getting the call.

Everett was signed to be the Twins everyday shortstop this season, knowing he has "holes" in his bat, the team loathed about his stellar defense. Thus far, he's committed 3 errors in his first 9 games. His errors were not from a result of a poor glove, but a poor throwing arm. Everett is going to be missing time with tendinitis in his throwing shoulder, which gives the Twins an answer to why he's been throwing rainbows this season.

Everett's bat has been just as dreadful, he was hitting .185/.214/.222 in 27 at bats with just one extra base hit. He's also walked once while striking out 5 times. It's not known as to how much the tendinitis in his shoulder affected his hitting, but it more than likely played at least some role in his poor hitting. However, regardless of if he had tendinitis or not, he likely would not have been hitting much better as he's a career .247/.298/.222 hitter.

Buscher seems to be the logical choice.

Brian Buscher has been the Red Wings best hitter this season. He's currently hitting .345/.397/.586 with 4 home runs and 11 RBI in 58 at bats. Primarily a third baseman and first baseman, Buscher played a few innings in Spring Training at second base, however it's unlikely he'll see any action there in the majors without it being out of dire need. This will allow the Twins to use Nick Punto in the middle infield and also give Justin Morneau a proper backup as the Twins would prefer not using Mike Lamb at first base. And with Michael Cuddyer (Morneau's backup at first base) still on the D.L. with a finger injury, promoting Buscher seems like the most logical of choices.

Another interesting choice would be Matt Macri. Macri was acquired by the Twins last season in a trade with the Colorado Rockies for Ramon Ortiz. He can play anywhere in the infield, and he has good numbers at the plate in the minors. I'd be surprised if they chose Macri over Buscher, but I've been more surprised before.

I think that Alexi Casilla would be a poor choice to call up, however if he's promoted, I hope the Twins give him a fair amount of at bats. He's played horribly this season in Rochester, but I think he still has some upside and if they chose to call him up, I hope they play him more than Punto. With that said, I'd like to see Matt Tolbert get the majority of the starts at shortstop while Everett is injured, but we all know that Nick Punto will split the starts with him.

The other option is to take Michael Cuddyer off the D.L. (tomorrow, when he's eligible) and possibly demote Denard Span to Rochester, in place of Buscher. But all indications are that Cuddyer is not ready to come off the D.L. The team also has to make a decision on Brian Bass who's nursing a strained lower back. A decision on him is likely to come at some point today as well, but all indications are that his back is feeling much better than in previous days. And since there has not been a formal announcement regarding him as well, I think that the news must be encouraging. At least, for now.

With Everett now injured, that gives the Twins 3 players on the Disabled List and possibly 4 if Bass is forced to miss any more time.