January 3, 2010

Top 50 Twins Prospects 2010: #48 Shooter Hunt

2010 Top 50 Twins Prospects | #48 | Shooter Hunt

Position | Pitcher

Bats/Throws | Right/Right

| August 16, 1986 (Westwood, New Jersey)

| Tulane University

| 6'3''

| 200 lbs.

2009 Ranking | 8th

Shooter Hunt was drafted in the Supplemental 1st Round of the 2008 draft. Hunt has the makings to be a top-of-the-order pitcher, but his control issues are so severe that he'll have to make drastic changes in order to ever come close to reaching that potential. The Twins knew that Hunt's control wasn't great when they drafted him, but nobody expected him to be this bad. Everything was looking fine for Hunt heading into last season, but from the get-go, In 2009, he gave up 58 walks in under 33 innings of work. He spent some time on the disabled list with a strained groin muscle, and began working in Extended Spring Training. But when he returned and the control problems persisted, then theories of whether or not he needed to alter his mechanics started gaining momentum. The Twins however believe that his problems are "upstairs." Following his appearance on July 24th, the Twins ended his season.

2009 Statistics
          Level      W      L      ERA      IP      K      BB      WHIP      WP
          R          0      4     9.60    15.0      8      25      0.53       3
A- 0 1 10.70 17.2 18 33 1.69 4

2010 Outlook

Hunt could move quickly through the system, but he has to pull himself out of a major rut first. The Twins know his potential and will remain patient. Depending on his progress, he could start the season back in Beloit otherwise he'll stay in Extended Spring Training before latching on with either a short-season rookie ball league or deciding to move him up to Beloit at that time. Regardless of where he starts, 2010 will be a huge year for Hunt.

Pitching Repertoire
  • Fastball (92-94)
  • Curveball
  • Change-up

Estimated Time of Arrival


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Josh Johnson said...

Stupid spam

Peter said...

love his potential, but can he throw strikes?

Josh Johnson said...

Peter, you share the same love/hate for Hunt that everyone does. He has a very live arm but his control is a huge concern.

jimbo92107 said...

He's trying to generate power by jerking his head down, which causes his arm to flail inconsistently, falling out of the arm slot and losing track of the release point. He needs to learn to generate smooth power with his stride and torso turn, so the delivery isn't so violent at the end.